Procurement and Logistics in the sectors of Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining and Energy

Who We Are


Nweba, is the first Mozambican Company dedicated to Procurement and Logistics for the sectors of Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining and Energy, and has a team Certified in International Procurement Professional with more than 10 years of experience and is in the market as a solution to the challenges of these sectors in Mozambique.

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  • To provide professional services in the area of Procurement and Logistics.
  • To help Mozambican companies increase their business thru our local database of suppliers.


  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility

Our Clients

Target Market

  • Public and Private companies;
  • EPCM companies;
  • Oil & Gas companies;
  • Companies dedicated to urban and Industrial development;
  • Procurement Departments;
  • NGO’s;
  • Customers who require market research services for materials and services in our areas of activities;
  • Customers who need advice for logistics processes.

Our Services

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We have a team of professionals with

More than 10 years of internationally certified experience in the Procurement business.

Why Choose Us


  • Flexibility in the management of the procurement process, ensuring competitive costs;
  • Large Database of credible service providers;
  • A team of Internationally Certified Procurement Professionals.


  • Development of sustainable solutions for cost reduction and risk management;
  • Reduction of anti-ethical practices;
  • Management during the project cycle;

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